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Toxic W-Virginia, Gitmo Secrecy, Lee Camp on Breaking The Set

“Watch Real News That You Should Know”


Breaking the Set With Abby Martin

Busted: JPMorgan inks record $13bn settlemen

Busted: JPMorgan inks record $13bn settlement

JPMorgan Chase & Co. has agreed to the details of a $13 billion settlement for selling “bad loans” before the US financial crisis. The mortgage fraud probe by the US Justice Department has produced the biggest penalty of a financial firm in US history.

Navy Shooter Taking “Mass Murder Suicide Pills”?

Navy Shooter Taking “Mass Murder Suicide Pills”?

The story is a long way from coming into focus. The little we do know about Monday’s tragic mass shooting at a Navy Yard in Washington, D.C. is stirring a national debate.

The Purpose of the Second Amendment

We Must Save The Right To Bare Arms!

The President is ready to announce his plans to restrict gun ownership. Most likely, nothing the President proposes will do anything to stop a future Sandy Hook. We know the President understands he is putting Democrats in a terrible spot.

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