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Guns that Aim Themselves – Meet the “Robo-Rifle”

Tracking Point Guns

Democratizing Accuracy, Disrupting the Shooting Experience

Putin: Chem Arms Handover Works Only If US Calls Off Strike


Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Syria’s chemical arms handover will only work if the US and its allies renounce the use of force against Damascus.

US Senate Delays Syria Strike Vote Over Russian ‘chemical handover’ Proposal

Syria backs Russia's plan for chemical weapons handover

President Obama is willing to “absolutely” put on pause, a military strike on Syria if Assad accepts Russia’s proposal to hand over control of the chemical weapons to the international community.

Who Is Bradley Manning? – Find Out Here!

Was The Boston Bombing Another False Flag?


Why does the FBI say we should only look at photos they give us? And now the patsy is dead. Is it because, “Dead Men Tell No Tales”.  What a joke this has become!

Wake Up Call To All Americans – Stop Being Enslaved In Government Propaganda!

The Prestitute, Lawrence Odonnell, Slanders & Lies About Rand Paul

Largest Gun Show In Pennsylvania ‘Postponed’

Largest Gun Show In Pennsylvania ‘Postponed’

The Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show in Pennsylvania has been postponed. Protests against gun show organizer, Reed Exhibitions, is credited for the decision. Reed Exhibitions decided to ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines from the largest gun show in the state.

Beware of Conspiracy Theories About Sandy Hook

Beware of Conspiracy Theories About Sandy Hook

“I don’t see enough evidence to think Sandy Hook was a false flag operation. This is more of a tragic event turned into political opportunity than it is a staged event.

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