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Was The Boston Bombing Another False Flag?


Why does the FBI say we should only look at photos they give us? And now the patsy is dead. Is it because, “Dead Men Tell No Tales”.  What a joke this has become!

Wake Up Call To All Americans – Stop Being Enslaved In Government Propaganda!

The Prestitute, Lawrence Odonnell, Slanders & Lies About Rand Paul

Media Puppet Chris Mathews Tells Ron Paul: “Total Freedom Doesnt Work” Unbelievable!

WAIT! – Thinking About Joining The Military? – You Must See This!

The Rand Paul Filibuster – Learn The Truth About John Brennan.

Today Show Segment: If You Prepare For Bad Times, Your Paranoid!

Save Your 401K – The Government & The BANKSTERS Will Steal Your Money!

The Obama Inauguration Was a Complete Joke

Barack Obama as the king

The Obama Inauguration Was a Complete Joke and waste of the taxpayers money.  Obama should be ashamed of himself for putting on such a spectacle.  He is a re-elected president and our country is bankrupt.  It’s disgusting!

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